1. I wish house hunting was this easy! 

  2. This is how she dances spaghetti style!

  3. 'I was born ready. Im Ron fucking Swanson.'

    Me and Marta have started watching Parks and Recreation. It’s incredible!

  4. Goodbye Sherlock! 

    Over the holidays I attempted to get my girl Marty into Sherlock! We watched the first two series and she was hooked in time to watch series 3! It such a good show and Im sad we have to wait another year for more!

    So to celebrate the last episode of Series 3 we decided to do our own versions of Sherlock and Watson. Here are mine and you can check hers out here.


  5. I’ve been making babies! (illustrated ones)

  6. These guys are the initial character designs that helped me win the Hellmann’s job. Unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final film but they definitely got the party started!

  7. Happy Bestovers! This is an animation I recently directed for Hellmann’s mayonnaise to help promote their ‘Holiday Bestover’ competition. It was a great project to work on and lots of fun to make. 

    Thanks a lot to Matt Marsh, Josephine Gallagher, Iria LopezDan Britt and everyone else at Blink for all their help! 


  8. Here are a few more characters I designed for a Bupa pitch last year. These characters were meant to symbolise the conditions of people health. Unfortunately I didn’t win the job but I really like these guys hopefully I’ll work with them again in the future. 

  9. Here is a wolf character I designed for a pitch a few months ago. the project disappeared but this guy didn’t!

  10. A fun little Christmas giff that I helped my girlfriend animate! 

    Happy Christmas Everyone! 


    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re getting your stuff ready a bit better than this little guy :)